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Young Adult Caregivers

Young adults in particular face a lack of resources and a support network at a crucial time in their lives when a parent is faced with a young onset dementia diagnosis, which can be during their parent’s 40’s, 50’s, and early 60’s. They take on a role never anticipated as they support their family while navigating unforeseen circumstances. The resulting emotional consequences for adult children may feel endless and often overwhelming.

Although the opportunity to provide care for parents can be rewarding, the demands of dementia are challenging to juggle for the most well-meaning adult children, who typically have their own children, marriages, careers, attending college/ higher education, and other aspects of their lives that requires their daily attention. Worrying can take on a life of its own, which may ultimately deplete their abilities to tend to the needs of their parent as well as their own families, much less themselves.

Optimal coping with dementia will be supported by participating in the YES! Young Adult support group. Talking with other young adult children going through a similar dementia caregiving journey is validating and reassuring that you are Not Alone.

Follow the stories of some of our adult caregivers

A Message from YES! President Shannon Hammond

I became involved with the founding Board members of YES! prior to its inception in 2019 as a source of support for me while I was navigating the immense challenges of caring for my mom. Early on, we quickly realized the lack of organized support and resources for caregivers facing the unique challenges of caring for someone with young-onset dementia. Not even the Goliath Alzheimer’s Association had a dedicated resource for this demographic. And so, YES! was born.

I have been the President of YES! since its formation in early 2019 and I am humbled by the unparalleled passion and dedication of our Board and committee members to this cause—ALL of whom have a direct personal or professional connection to young-onset dementia.

I implore you to browse this website and take a look at our social media pages for a snapshot of the exciting projects we are working on, as well as some of the impactful accomplishments we’ve reached over the last year. I’m especially proud of our young adult support group because they are my peers, and they are struggling with the same journey that I fumbled through just two short years ago.